PS3 XMBFM Beta v0.06 Released

I have made a little XMB mod for the 3.55 XMB that I call XMB File Manager (XMBFM). It is a modded version of Rebug’s package manager which in turn is a modded version of the official install packages option/XMB icon, My version allows the entire ps3 filesystem to be browsed and also any files types can be seen and deleted,also working on adding a lot more to the Manager and maybe building in the SaveData/Gamedata options to tidy up the XMB game category. Im hoping to add things like copy function etc too but would like to get feedback and help if anyones game?

Im told this also works fine on most if not all 3.55 based FWs (even on 4.00OFW, probably works on every OFW ever made!) but I havnt tested it on anything except Rebug 3.55.2 CFW, Its been confirmed working on 3.55 kmeaw , OFW, Cobra etc, Worst case senario you would need to reinstall your FW through recovery menu if its not compatible with your FW.

This is a beta version for anyone who might be interested in helping me test it or improve on it. Any Ideas/suggestions on more things to add to it, let me know.

Options available so far in v0.06c
- Information A link to the release thread for now as a POC idea to have it link to an info page on the web.
- Life with playstation is a WIP option to allow the filemanager to update itself by downloading its own package to hdd and installing automatically (like F@H)
- PS Vita Utility is a POC idea for being able to at least delete ps vita gamedata from ps3, for now its a clone of ps3 gamedata, Im waiting until I get my Vita before i look at this again
- PS3 Filesystem Manager is the main cool addition that allows all drives on the system to be browsed and any files types deleted (dev_flash files cant be deleted unless it is mounted as something else, eg. dev_blind)
- Rebug Package Manager The other three options are the same as included in Rebugs Package Manager so Ill quote cyberskunk from
Originally Posted by cyberskunk
PlayStation®Network Content
Manage your downloaded PlayStationÂNetwork Content.

Install Package Files
INSTALL package files from Storage Devices and your PS3.

PS3 Hard Disk – (dev_hdd0/packages)
Package Folder – (dev_usb/packages)
Standard Package Location – (Standard Install Package Files locations)

Delete Package Files
DELETE package files from Storage Devices and your PS3.

PS3 Hard Disk – (dev_hdd0/packages)
Package Folder – (dev_usb/packages)
Standard Package Location – (Standard Install Package Files locations)
Install instructions: It requires you to switch 3 files from dev_flash. heres a quick tut:
- I use multiman , go to settings near the bottom of menu.
- select the mount dev_flash to dev_blind option. click enable
- next go to multiman file manager
- copy over the 3 files to thier different locations
- category_game.xml and category_game_tool.xml go in dev_blind/vsh/resource/explore/xmb/
- explore_plugin_full.rco goes in dev_blind/vsh/resource/
- next disable dev_blind option in multiman
- then exit multiman to see your new XMB File Manager

This is perfectly safe and I have even tested deleting most of dev_flash before and its easy reinstall FW through recovery menu so dont worry, just make sure you are on some version of 3.55

Have fun and let me know if you have an ideas on how I could expand it by adding things like copy function etc. Im not the best at this so any help is much appreciated?

Big massive thanks to Cyberskunk and Evilsperm (Team Rebug) for the Package Manager mods which this is based on. And also for Rebug CFW.. its my favourite!
I have a little idea for an addition to your official package manger : Add an "information" link inside it that opens the browser and goes straight to site or your support forum on PS3crunch

Big thanks to PS3hen who has confirmed its still working on OFW4.00, He has built it into his impressive 4.00HFW(Flasher required for 4.00 install unless on 3.55 ).

Big thanks to Bitsbubba for making v0.04 into a pkg file

Please before anyone flames that this is crap I did only start properly making it a week ago so give me a little time and maybe it will become cool. (I discovered the “exploit” that allows this back in 2010 but didnt get around to doing anything with it until now)

If anyone wants to explain an easy way of making this into a pkg file I would be delighted to hear or get some help, Im sure its not very difficult but I havnt time to figure out everything and would like this to become even more of a collaboration if anyones interested?

Heres a bit of a to do list that I would like to add (if these things are actually possible) ,I will update and repost every so often after adding suggestions and bug fixes
- Adding Copy/rename functions for all filetypes (complicated but hopefully we can)
- Proper names for all the partitions (easy but will take some time)
- Proper icons for all the partitions (easy but need to code the above entires first, can use icons already in FW when thats done)
- A custom icon for XMBFM on XMB (ill leave this up to someone else)
- Finish off the built in updater and get a direct link set up for the pkg files like sonys.
- Get the information option linking to a dedicated info page which I need to write and get hosted (or I can also just build in a info page but i like the idea of being able to update it without updating the app)
- Add a new category for favourite websites so they can have a direct link on the xmb inside the Filemanager.
- move the PS3 gamedata and save data icons/options inside the file manager to tidy up the Game category.
- Adding the ability to download unknown filetypes to the internal HDD
- Move Rebug Package Manager into its own sub category inside XMBFM so its like it was before.

- This update will only show up in the retail menu.
- Have now added a "Information" link above all the others inside the XMBFM, it opens the browser and links to the release thread!
- Also added a built in XMBFM updater section that is based on the F@H download section from network xmls, ive now got it so it will download a pkg for me from brewology
- but it wont install it yet, errors out at start of install , I need a direct pkg link to some signed homebrew to test, anyone??

Sorry it doesnt allow copying yet, Im hoping some real devs will help me with that bit as I know nothing about code. In theory if only the xmls/rcos are modifed to allow copying all filetypes then it would probably work fine on all OFW as these text files are only calling on functions that are already available to them, that is the reason I think this File Manager is so cool and should be developed more, because it will "RUN" on ANY OFW in theory, but I need some help or adding features like copying and renaming etc to all file types is not going to happen! If it does happen it would be a very handy tool for exploiting 4.00+ OFW wouldnt it?? A small example, being able to write the xRegistry.sys file on pc and write it onto console etc

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