PSP PSPStates Menu V3 Released

Today Plum releases a new updated version of PSPStates Menu. PSPStates is a Seplugin for the Playstation Portable and it allows you to create savestates whiles playing games.Choosing where you want to save makes this a must have.

- Source Code Released.
- Updates for the immobilization of the path of data to save the game be stopped.

Developers Notes:
plum Wrote:
更新内容 メニューを表示している間はゲームを停止しておくようにした セーブデータのパスの固定化の解除 ソースコード公開

bsanehi Wrote:
Anyone who has even spent some time playing on an emulator knows what a savestate is. They're useful and can be invaluable when you're in a very difficult area of a game, but commercial games and consoles don't usually support the savestate feature.

This plugin itself is called PspStates and, as you may have guessed from the title, it lets you create savestates while playing games on your PSP Slim. Not in an emulator, but on your handheld itself. And yes, it's for Slims only.

The plugin is modified by plum to work on 6.xx firmwares and he has added a small menu to the plugin.

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