PS3 JFW DH Custom Firmware Update

- Core central 100%
- Payload Cobra 60%
- Linux 95%
- Preloader 90%
- Categorias xmb 95%
- Manager TheGrid 25%
- TheGrid 100%
- Services Packs 0%
- OpenPStore 50%

New categories such as Multimedia, PS3 Loader, Thegra, Homebrew, Emulators, manager set aside the typical native application. Photos, Music, Videos, TV, disappear to make way for Multimedia.

New Category

This new category gives rise to a union of native options like photo, music and video. This new category will appear the famous player Showtime, which already includes the possibility of a single application in many more options than what they offered us the categories natively native officers.

Reproduction native (the PS3 system) MUSIC, PHOTOS and VIDEO, DVD, BD, photo gallery and soon Cdaudio the VidZone, memories and play qriocity
Listen to music
Being able to see videos like avi, mpeg, xvid, divx, MKV including
View photos
Demand movies

PS3 Loader

This new category was born to take charge from now manage the contents of the old Sony consoles, this means that both PS1/PS2/Minis Games and the saves these become part of this new category, freeing imnecesarios to GAME icon.

It is also where you store the backups RetroLoader (aka modified cobrausb backup manager) responsible for managing the games PS1, PS2 and PS3

Thegra - the new star category and plugins

This new category includes the plugins manager, service packs. Thegra is the name of the loader plugins, these plugins will give the console first choices, which the imagination of every developer could unleash the potential of this charger.

Return of the online (running)
Update of keys (working)
Spoof Version
Disable devices
Mounted units, several readers virtual
Plugins level conbinacion buttons on the six
Modification speedfun speed
Multiloader (operating)
Dumper full-ram (running)
PSN-games license generator (operating)
Hacked signature verification token QA (running)
PSN access sysversion check "no spoof nor certs" (running)
Check-patching the original disks (operating)
Activation of the 8th SPU


This new category will be responsible for having ordered all the old console emulators.


This new category includes all homebrew created to date, for it will have access to from where you can download OpenPStore the last hombrews etc. to be placed automatically at their place of origin and not as the previous game.


This category will see that we can easily able to manage the game saves, pkgs, ftp, etc.

Cobra JFW Payload Plugin

DH and has advanced the issue.

New Item Linux

The JFW DH was gonna be no less, that includes 2 options to use Linux back in the console, in this regard are:


JFW Preloader - The recovery of DH includes a preloader that is responsible for:

Back of the 3 RAW Flash to external media (USB)
Flashing copies from an external drive (USB).
Update the Preloader
Home of the flash write access (not necessarily more alejandro or substitutes)

The advantages are not required reinstalling all the PUP (from hardware checks) do not need to do: composite or go through the recovery.

Service Packs

Services include basic Packs to use plugins, loaders, ftp, etc.

Compatibility with Games and Applications

Using a DH-JFW 341v2 core, this does not mean not being able to play all over now without patching.
The DH-JFW is compatible with games that include between 3.56 down, including the current patched to 3.55
DH-JFW runs natively games until 3.56 (original disks) without having to upgrade.
PSN games that require NPDRM 356, are also supported without upgrading (the current CFW not give this support)
No need for a valid signature on the executable (including loaders and other files)
Not going to make a port to 3.55 of this JFW DH, since it includes much more than himself 3.55
Support for peripherals is not licensed by sony in that medium 355 is eliminated leaving them unused
The only custom firmware can take the keys with a dual NAND 3.6x (programmer) such as PNM and that allows the custom appldr redirect to another area of ​​the ram and so does not remove the old
Theme DHorg exclusive community that will change randomly each time the console or ignite the user cambieis
More surprises

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