Skype Video Calling for Samsung Galaxy Tab

New hacked Skype with Video Calling support for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The actual video call only 70% of the screen but the app takes up the full screen. In the picture you can see an option on my Galaxy Tab to Skype Video Call. On the Android Market their is a Skype App available for free that features voice calls and instant messages. By using this one you can make calls to other Skype via phone to phone or phone to desktop to stay in touch with family and friends.

How to Install:
1) Uninstall Other Skype from Android Market
2) Use APK Installer (Download for free on Android Market)
3) Plug in USB Cord to Computer and connect storage to PC. Drag the APK into a place you will remember on your SD Card.
4) Search for the .apk on your SD Card and click on it. It will ask you to install.

How to Install Option #2
1) Download BarCode Scanner (Free on Android Market)
2) Scan this. Download
3) Use APK Installer to Install from Downloads folder
Download Here

Be careful it will ask you to update it on the Android Market. Do NOT Update.

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