Dingoo Lord of the Rings Engine V0.1 for Dingux

Today Shin-NiL ported a rewrite of the game engine Lord of the Rings by Interplay. The game captures the athmosphere of Middle Earth very well and it is regarded as one of the best Tolkien inspired games ever. It is an old-fashioned RPG covering most of the book events but adds more quests.

Prerequisites to run the game
- Dingux installed with the latest elta's rootfs;
- Data files from the full game Lord of the Rings Vol. I for DOS;

- Extract the contents of the file 'lotr_dingux_v0.1.bin.zip' to your miniSD card;
- Copy all data from the Lord of the Rings game for DOS to the directory 'DATA', which is included in 'lotr';
- Create a link with your favorite application launcher to the file 'lotr.dge'.

Most of the time simply press the indicated key to perform the desired action. Note that in the main menu, the buttons L/R move the cursor left/right pressing the A button to perform the action. Using the the virtual keyboard, move the directional to select, A button inserts the character and START confirms the entry.

Official Website
More info about Dingux Port

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