PS3 JaiCrab's JFW DH CFW 3.41 (Video)

Quote (DemonHades):
Percentage Level of Development

Core Central 100%
Payload Cobra 50%
Linux 90%
Preloader 90%
Categories xmb 90%
Managers 0%
TheGrid 90%
Services Packs 0%

New categories such as Multimedia, PS3 Loader, TheGrid, Homebrew put aside the typical native application. Photos, Music, Videos, TV disappear to make way for Multimedia.

New Multimedia Category

This new category gives rise to a union of native options like photo, music and video.
This new category will appear the famous player Showtime, which already includes the possibility of a single application in many more options than what they offered us the categories natively native officers.
Listen to music
Being able to see videos like avi, mpeg, xvid, divx, MKV including
View photos
Demand movies

New Category PS3 Loader

This new category was born to take charge from now manage the contents of the old sony consoles, this means that both PS1/PS2/Minis Games and the saves become part of this new category, freeing to GAME icon.
It is also where you store the backups RetroLoader (aka modified cobrausb backup manager) responsible for managing the games ps1, ps2 and ps3

New Category TheGrid

This new category includes the plugins manager, service packs.
Thegra is the name of the loader plugins, these plugins will give the console first choices, which the imagination of every developer could unleash the potential of this charger.
Return of the online
Updating keys
Spoof Version
Disable devices
Mount Units
Plugins level conbinacion buttons on the six
Modification speedfun speed

New Homebrew Category

This new category includes all homebrew created to date, for it will have access to from where you can download OpenPStore the last hombrew etc. to be placed automatically at their place of origin and not as the previous game.

Cobra Payload as JFW DH Plugin

At the moment due to problems outside the scene Jaicrab the development of this plugin been in a paused state

New Linux Item

The JFW DH was gonna be no less, that includes 2 options to use Linux back in the console, in this regard are:

Preloader, Recovery Boot - The JFW DH includes a preloader that is responsible for:

Back of the 3 RAW Flash to external media (USB)
Flashing copies from an external drive (usb).
Update the Preloader
Home of the flash write access (not necessarily more alejandro or substitutes)
The advantages are not required reinstalling all the PUP (from hardware checks) do not need to do: composite or go through the recovery

Services Packs

These packs include the basics in order to use plugins, loaders, ftp, etc.

Compatibility with Games and Applications

JFW DH uses a 341v2 core, this does not mean not being able to play all over now without patching.
The JFW DH is compatible with games that include between 3.56 down, including the current patched to 3.55
JFW DH runs natively games until 3.56 (original disks) without having to upgrade.
PSN games that require npdrm 356, are also supported without upgrading (the current cfw not give this support)
No need for a valid signature on the executable
Not going to make a port to 3.55 of this JFW DH, since it includes much more than himself 3.55

Members of the Project

Alejandro (special collaboration) = Central Core, security, preloader
Jaicrab = Core, central TheGrid, linux
DemonHades = xmb Categories, Organization, Implementations
DanteHades = Graphic Design, Theme
PS_Juan = Remodeling Categorie, Tester
Ing_pereira = Manager Creation, TheGrid
Borrego = Tester
Davje = documentation Editor
PSmaniaco = tester and contributor

1saludo and patience that good is worth waiting.

A short summary of JFW DH: State of the CFW from the translation details above:

Core 100%
Payload Cobra 50%
Linux 90%
Preloader 90%
Categories XMB 90%
0% Managers
TheGrid 90%
Service Packs 0%

Preloader: The preloader can:

Flash dump the 3 partitions on an external (USB)
Restore partitions Flash via a dump on external media (USB)
Mounting partitions Flash write
The preloader can be updated.

TheGrid: TheGrid is a new category that includes a plugin manager, service packs, but also the name of the loader plugins. The plugins can launch tasks in the background.

Various details:
JFW The DH is based on the Firmware 3.41 v2 but is fully compatible with games requiring firmware 3.56 and earlier (3.55 patched games included).
Game discs that require firmware 3.56 or earlier without having to spend to update the console.
The PSN games that require a compatible NPDRM 3.56 without updating.
Executables do not need to be signed.

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