PS3 Multiman 2.03.00 Released

Today Dean K Releases yet another UPDATE FOR Multiman, PS3 Backup Manger.

- Change font properties / functions in all modes.
- Maximum number of games in AVCHD + “gam modes: 960 (before 640).
- Maximum number of entries per column XMMB: 3200.
limit of characters for the parameter column XMMB [option selected]: 36 (before 32 German / French).
- Moving [selected option] at the far right.
- 20MB of RAM freed and reallocated some of them to increase the number of games max input / xmmb.
- This update should correct “Not enough memory for web browser” in some users. If this is not the case, use the original theme.
- Added checks for updates Multiman downloaded (to avoid installing files PKG incomplete / damaged).
- Added verification of downloaded covers (to avoid accepting file incomplete / damaged files downloaded).
- The menu commands in the file manager has changed a bit.
- Legend in most display modes using the current settings of localization.
- Vibration alert added lice ‘Delete’ game / folder.
- Includes all languages, with the latest versions displayed by the translators. (Dutch, Portuguese, Arabic …).

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