Dingoo ILI3998 SiENcE's Dingux Kernel

Quote (SiENcE)
just because i was asked to build an kernel for ILI9338 here it is.
Read the Readme.txt file !
I don't have an ILI9338 Dingoo, so it would be cool if someone can test this.
Extract and rename 110705_ILI9338_zImage to zImage and put it on your sd-card.

0) It's a modified version of the all know booboo legacy kernel.

1) RTC (already from boukichi's kernel)

2) PowerOff (already from boukichi's kernel)

3) Safe Reset (Start+Select+PowerButton Up) (already from boukichi's kernel)

4) hold key as SDLK_PAUSE to not lose the compatiblity with some games (already from boukichi's kernel)

5) i2c + fbcon patch for TVOUT-Tool (thx to uli)

6) Swap file support

7) and the following Kernel Options to get Virtual Mouse support

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