PS3 MinVerChk Released: Minimum Downgrade Firmware Check Tool

Today Tito1 releases a little package to know how far you can downgrade your consoles.

Tutorial created by DeathHades.
This tutorial will teach you to how to know the base firmware of your PS3 with a few steps and images.
The first thing you have to do is:
- A PS3.
- MinVerChk
Here I leave the MinVerChk - link:
Well here I leave the steps.
1 - Enter the MinVerChk in the pen, as if it were an upgrade.
2 - Insert the stick into the PS3.
3 - Install the update from XMB (This will fail and display the Firmware Base).
Here I leave the photos.

Base Firmware for fat PS3 model
40GB CECHG04 Fat OFW 1.90 (Max. Downgrade)
40GB CECHG04 Fat OFW 1.90 (Max. Downgrade)
60GB CECHC04 Fat OFW 1.0 (Max. Downgrade)
60GB CECHC04 Fat OFW 1.1 (Max. Downgrade)
80GB CECHK04 Fat OFW 2.16 (Max. Downgrade)
CHECHE11 80GB —- Fat OFW 2.40 (Max. Downgrade)
Fat DECR1400A —– FWD 2.60 (Max. Downgrade)
80GB CECHE01 Fat OFW 1.00 (Max. Downgrade)
160 GB CECHP04 —- Fat OFW 2.45 (Max. Downgrade)

Base Firmware for slim PS3 model
120Gb SLIM OFW CECH2004A —— 2.70 (Max.Downgrade)
120GB SLIM OFW CECH2001A 2.70 (Max.Downgrade)
250GB SLIM OFW CECH2004B 2.70 (Max.Downgrade)
320GB SLIM OFW CECH2504B 3.40 (Max.Downgrade)

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