PS3 WinDOS Final Released

Today Samson Released a final build of WinDOS, Windows Emulator for PS3.

Now slimmed down to 100mb
Added XMB menu music
D-pad mapped to arrow keys , start=enter, select=backspace
new programs and games all launch-able from the start menu..

added games:-

another world
hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
ghouls and ghosts
metal gear
and lots more also a few wolf 3d mods

Colecovision.. some launching problems , run as dos session
Fmsx (msx) (windows and dos versions)
x5200 (atari)
pc64 (com64)
I’ve set up dos based emus to launch from a run.bat so end user can edit and add game to be run, if you have problems try running from explorer, run, run as dos session.

also added:

ps3hax theme
usb support(no hot plugging)
a fake cd rom(folder) to copy file into (ps3 file manager or ftp)
a windows based hex editor
so i think i am about done with it most 3d game lag.. but all 2d and simple 3d work. running slow-Pentium fixed@4000 BUT you can bump the cycles up as much as you want, but sound will suffer.

also i still cant get win32s to work on ps3 , works fine on pc .. go figure.

Thank you Samson for this great piece of homebrew, and thanks to everyone else’s work that help made this possible!!!

Download Here CFW 3.55

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