Dingoo ZDoom V0.1: Doom Engine with Strife for Dingux

Today Shin-NL brings us Zdoom with support for Strife.

Developer Notes:
Prerequisites to run
- Dingux installed with the latest elta's rootfs;
- WAD files from Doom, Hexen, Strife, etc;

- Extract the contents of the file 'zdoom_dingux_v0.1.bin.7z' to your miniSD card;
- Copy your WAD files to the directory 'wad';
- Edit the script file named 'edit_me_before_run.dge' as you need. You can create one script file for each WAD.
- Create a link with your favorite application launcher to each dge script created on the previous step.

Performance tips
- I always recommend to use '-nosound' parameter, since OpenAL does not seem like much of dingoo. Without sound the game runs much better;
- Unfortunately zdoom consumes a lot of processing power, so overclocking is always welcome;
- If you know how, you can edit the 'zdoom.ini', located in the '.zdoom' folder.

Special thanks
"ibm 5155" & "flpstrquerendoumdingoo!!!" from dingoobr boards.

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