PSP Popsloader for CFW 6.39ME-8 by Neur0n

Today Neur0n releases a New popsloader patch for his recent CFW release, 6.39ME-8. Popsloader patch allows a PSP to play PSX Eboots from your memory stick.

How to Install:
1) Download Your Version (PRO or ME)
2) Enter USB Mode. Drag the files in your seplugins folder (If you don't have one make one on the ROOT of your memory stick)
3) Add these lines to your POPS.TXT (If you don't have one and put it in the seplugins folder)

ms0:/seplugins/pops_bridge.prx 1
ms0:/seplugins/popsloader/popsloader.prx 1

4) Exit USB Mode. Turn off the PSP. Enter Recovery Mode by holding the R Trigger when it is booting and scroll down to seplugins.
5) Activate it and then go back to XMB. You can not load PSX Eboots.

Download Here PRO Version
Download Here ME Version

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