PS3 Multiman 2.02.00 Released: Backup Manager for KMEAW/Rebug

* Added: Multilingual Support (22 languages)
* Changed: 2304 entries per XMMB column
* Added: Caching of XMMB Video column to speed up boot process
* Added: MP3 pop-up info box in XMMB and File Manager
* Added: "Motion Sensor" setting in XMMB SETTINGS column
* Added: Motion sensitivity (waving left/right the dualshock controller changes display modes)
* Added: Debug mode (hold L2+R2 during boot). It will allow downloading official update, even if you're on the same version.
* Fixed: Issues with coverflow display mode
* Fixed: Lock when too many AVCHD or Video titles present
* Fixed: Retro column not sorted after returning from emulator
* Changed: Behavior of "Refresh" buttons in XMMB multiMAN column and "System Settings" menu

After two weeks of non stop work and the continuous efforts from a group of translators, multiMAN is now available in 22 different languages.

Here is a list of all supported languages and more importantly - the people who participated:

"English", "English" // Dean
"Bulgarian", "Български" // Dean
"Greek", "Ελληνικά" // Nick97_Olympiak (translation is INCOMPLETE!)
"Turkish", "Türkçe" // ozayturay
"Romanian", "Română" // MihaiOlimpiu
"Polish", "Polski" // djtom, Bolec
"Russian", "Русский" // pvc1, thesixsouls
"Ukrainian", "Українська" // sanya007
"Spanish", "Español" // Nathan_r32_69, aldostools
"Portuguese", "Português" // kgb, NuclearAqua
"German", "Deutsch" // flip
"French", "Français" // Guilouz
"Italian", "Italiano" // m0h
"Swedish", "Svenska" // dlanor
"Danish", "Dansk" // RobinCecil, Anglia
"Finnish", "Suomi" // Jeggu
"Welsh", "Cymraeg" // bropesda
"Spanish Latin", "Español Latino" // tupac4u, pyns, aldostools
"Japanese", "日本語" // zch
"Chinese (S)", "简体中文" // Lucky-star
"Chinese (T)", "正體中文" // Lucky-star
"Persian", "ﻰﺳﺭﺎﭘ" // ASTeam

Thank you, guys!


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