PSP Popsloader for CFW 6.XX by Coldbird

Quote (Coldbird):

Several nosy guys of you... ;)
Have been roaming the Google Code Subpages quite nicely...
Yes, our Team Founder Virtuous Flame has been working on a POPSLoader for quite some time already...
Read more to get to the juicy parts!
Well... no use hiding it anymore then?
Because, dear Readers, it has been completed. I suggest you all leave a big THANK YOU to VF for this one...
Every POPS version ever produced is supported... you can't ask for more can you?
I guess this makes PRO CFW the CFW with the best PS1 game support, no?
The sourcecode, in good old GPLv3 flavor, is available at the official POPSLoader Google Code Project.
For those too lazy to compile it themselves, you can just grab the binary from the Project Website.

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