PS3 MultiMAN 04.17.00 Released

Today developer Dean K is back to release another update to MultiMAN Backup Manager. Check out the changelog and the download link below. Please note that you must have 04.16.00 prior to installing this update.

- Improved overall speed of all functions and GUI
- Data Test/Verify functions now take fraction of the time compared to previous versions
- Improved 'Verifying data' of USB games by a factor of 50
- Improved scan before copying a game/folder
- Improved loading folders in mmOS
- Improved just a bit deleting games/folders
- Greatly improved loading content when browsing PS3 HDD/USB drives in game modes
- Loading Retro ROM/Video/Photo and ISO folders while browsing PS3 HDD/USB is now about 15 times faster
- Added "Friendly" name option in "Settings"/"Network Servers" for /net_host parties
- Fixed over-scrolling when browsing through large number of entries
- Increased max number of entries in game modes by 50% to 3072 (from 2048)
- Improved speed when copying games/files from/to USB HDDs
- Improved speed when copying games from PS3 Game Discs
- Improved speed when copying/browsing folders via FTP (LIST/MLSD)
- Added support for up to 99 pkg files in the [* Install Package Files] queue
- [* Install Package Files] function will scan /dev_hdd0/PKGTMP and will MOVE the queued pkg files from this folder (saving HDD space by not copying to temp location)
- mmOS will now honor the "Verify USB Games" setting when starting games from icons/shortcuts/game-folder
- Scanning for active USB storage devices is now performed in the background and will speed up loading games on 4.**CFW
- Verifying games in now performed in the background (when possible) to avoid delays when loading games

While on the 'improvement' track I decided to remove and completely rewrite another major function in mM - copying folders/games. Currently the memory used by the new function is down to 6MB (from 12MB - used to be 32MB in the beginning). While at it I added the double progress bar so you can monitor the progress for each file and the overall progress.

I used LittleBigPlanet game as a test/reference when I started improving things last week and finally got about 15-30% speed increase.

8343MB (240 files):

Before the optimizations:
HDD->USB = 13:20min (800 seconds) (~10.4MB/s)
USB->HDD = 11:30min (690 seconds) (~12.1MB/s)

After the optimizations:
HDD->USB = 10:30min (630 seconds) (~13.3MB/s) (about 28% faster)
USB->HDD = 08:30min (510 seconds) (~16.4MB/s) (about 35% faster)

Of course with games with less files the transfer speed hits the limit of the internal HDD (~30MB/s) or the external USB (~20MB/s) like for example copying GT5 (14056MB in 19 files):

HDD->USB = 15:05min (905 seconds) (~15.5MB/s)
USB->HDD = 11:58min (718 seconds) (~19.6MB/s)

Copying from PS3 Game Disc is at ~8.4MB/s (which is the max. read rate of the ps3 bd-drive).

It may not look THAT much faster, but probably with larger games the saved time will be a lot more. 5 or 15 mins saved is still something.

P.S. To those who wonder about the latest speed improvements - you may remember my posts during the year: "Saved 5MB or RAM here... 20MB or RAM there... another 15MB RAM saved..." so finally I found time to utilize the resources I managed to free. Now I had to rewrite a lot of functions from scratch and optimize them as much as I can. The result is more speed and stability.

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