PS3 ReActPSN v2.23 Released: Updated for All Firmwares

Today gambaa has made available version 2.23 of ReACTPSN that is now compatiable with firmwares up to CFW 4.30. This version can activate DLCs and Games in about 2-5 minutes. Check out the release notes and the download link below.

Release Notes:
Here is the new ReActPSN made to work with new CFW.

Download and try for yourself!

From snkysnake: REX 4.21 is a go ^_^ just did it, only problem with this I see is that when ReAct resets itself after doing its thing the PS3 message pops up saying the PS3 was shut down improper and it needs to check file system.

That takes about 2-5min O.o hmmmm any way around that ? If not, I honestly don't care its not that big of deal to me.

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