PS3 MultiMAN 04.14.02 Released

- Changed: Do not scan/reset USB devices on DEX firmwares
- NTFS/PFS driver works properly with and without USB.CFG (only ONE active NTFS HDD supported)
- Game and Firmware version display in "Game Settings" menu will reflect data found in GAMEI folder if "Ext. Game Data" is enabled
- mM is now available in XMB after "Ext. Game Data" or gameDATA (USB mode) is used
- Improved support for data CD/DVD/BD discs (Blu-ray Movie Discs, AVCHD discs, other data discs)
- Upon mM launch if such disc is in the tray it will be accessible right away
- If a data disc (non-genuine PS3 BD Game Disc) is inserted during mM operation it will be also accessible
- These changes negate the use of "Enable Direct Disc Access" option in "Settings"
- Added "Reset USB" option in "Settings" to disable usb scan/reset
- Added 6 new lines in the LANG_DEFAULT
- Included standalone [* Install Package Files] application with queue/color/sorting support

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