PS3 Youtube Showtime Plugin v2.0 Released

Developer Facanferff has left us a christmas present by releasing a new version of his Youtube plugin for Showtime Media Player. Check out the changelog and the download link provided below.

- Add: Support for Continuous Playback (needs to activate setting in Showtime's Video Playback Settings)
- Add: Main Page now supports order customization (like Showtime Main Page)
- Add: Youtube Disco
- Add: Native Sorting (by Publish Date, by Views, by Title (incrementing/decrementing) and as Default)
- Add: Youtube EDU
- Add: Featured feed in Youtube Movies
- Add: New User Profile Interface/Experience
- Add: New Advanced Mode for videos
- Add: Choose what feeds to show in User Profile
- Add: Header buttons in Oceanus skin plugin
- Add: Item Menu:
-- Like/Dislike video
-- Comment video
-- Add to Favorites
-- Add to Watch Later
-- Related Videos
-- Response Videos
-- Redirect to Movie (if video is a known trailer)
-- Trailers (if video is a movie)
-- Redirect to a Show (if video belongs to a Show)
-- Redirect to the Show Season (if video belongs to a Show Season)
- Fix: Video Playback
- Fix: Some videos would fail due to some RegEx differences
- Fix: Videos that are no available don't show friendly error message
- Fix: The plugin would load additional pages of a feed that didn't contain entries
- Fix: User Favorites didn't work
- Improvement: Updated video metadata for support in Oceanus skin plugin
- Improvement: More flexibe Youtube Search
- Improvement: Don't show login popup in search

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