The BEST Way to Earn GiftCards With Your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

Appjoy+ or AppJoy Save allows you to download application in exchange for NaNas. Nanas are your earnings that you can exchange for $1, $5 $10, $50 dollars worth of Amazon or iTunes Giftcards. They also allow you to use your Nanas to get certain App Store Games or Application for FREE.

How to get started:
1) Download Appjoy on Apple Store by Clicking this Link on Your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch.
2) Launch the Appjoy Application from your springboard.
3) Click on invite. Then type in my invitation code m57469. This will give you instantly 2500 Nanas.
4) To get more Nanas click the blue button get more Nanas. By Downloading application and by running them once you get the points that they are listed for. Sometimes they have videos that allow you need to do is watch them and instantly you get the points.
You will also receive 400 Nanas each and everyday you come back to appjoy.


 PS: Some offers will not credit right away and may need some time before you get the Nanas.

To show that this is legit I will post some proof pictures.

I have just started about 2 days again and have already got one $5 Amazon Giftcard and I am very close to getting another.

How to cashout:
$1 for 30,000 Nanas
$2 for 45,000 Nanas
$5 for 90,000 Nanas
$10 for 160,000 Nanas
$50 for 650,000 Nanas

$10 for 160,000 Nanas
$15 for 210,000 Nanas
$50 for 650,000 Nanas

How the operations works:
1) The application developer works with Appjoy to have their Application or Game Listed as a download. Through the survey sponsorAds or sponsorPay Appjoy creates the links for the iTunes Application Launch.
2) Then Appjoy receives money a cut based on how many people are actually downloading the applications. The payout for them is to be assumed to be 3 - 5 times more than what the downloaded user would be receiving.
3) Finally Appjoy then allows you to cash out the giftcards.

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