PS3 MultiMAN 04.16.04 Released

multiMAN 04.16.04 is available online now:

- Improved speed when copying games/files from/to USB HDDs
- Improved speed when copying games from PS3 Game Discs
- Improved speed when copying/browsing folders via FTP (LIST/MLSD)
- Added support for up to 99 pkg files in the [* Install Package Files] queue
- [* Install Package Files] function will scan /dev_hdd0/PKGTMP and will MOVE the queued pkg files from this folder (saving HDD space by not copying to temp location)
- mmOS will now honor the "Verify USB Games" setting when starting games from icons/shortcuts/game-folder
- Scanning for active USB storage devices is now performed in the background and will speed up loading games on 4.**CFW
- Verifying games is now performed in the background (when possible) to avoid delays when loading games

The last one means that mM will scan your USB game folders in the background. It if manages to scan a game at least once you'll never be bothered with 'Verifying data...' again Along with the background scanning of usb devices it is now "Press [X] and game is loaded..."

I hope you like that... Let me know if you have any issues.


*P.S. You must have MultiMAN 04.16.00 BASE prior to installing this version

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