PS3 MultiMAN 04.14.04 Released

- Added support for fixing 80010009 errors for games with updates (like FIFA 2013 v 1.04)
- mM will check the game backup, the installed update (on internal HDD and in GAMEI on external USB HDD)
- It will 'fix' all .self/.sprx files and EBOOT.BIN
- This feature allows you to 'fix' game updates even if you play from the original BD game disc (install the update, load the game from the [disc] icon in mM and it will check if you have installed incompatible updates and will fix it)
- Added support for installing PKG files from NTFS drives in mmOS
- Added support for installing game updates after download on 4.30CFW ROGERO 2.03
- Improved display of game titles in all modes (no double refresh/redraw)
- Fixed covers issue in 8x4 display mode

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