PS3 Dishonored Save Game Hack Released

Quote (KDSBest):
I ported XB36Harzard's XBox 360 Dishonored Save Game Editor to PS3 and modified it. His was detected as virus and I know why. Mine shouldn't get detected.

You have to use pfdtool to decrypt PAYLOAD of your Dishonored Save. Enter the Stuff the SaveGame wants to know. Play till you got at least 1 rune to be save. Backup the savegame it uses a heuristic method since the positions of coins and runes are not fixed. It will warn you if it came to trouble and it backups your old PAYLOAD file.

If no warning comes (even sometimes if one comes) you should have more coins, runes and 65000 of most of the bullet types. At the end you have to encrypt the PAYLOAD file with pfdtool again. To the SaveGame it uses some strange modified zip algorithm to zip and unzip the save.

XB36Harzard uses offzip and packzip to manage the zip algo for him. So do I! I just ported his stuff and modified it and wrote it in C#... VB really sucks

Have fun,


PS: If autosaves save failing press circle to cancel and normal. That works for me!

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