PS3 PSChannel RC1 Homebrew Store Source Released

Quote (Deroad):
This is my 1st gift for Xmas. Finally i have released PSChannel Source Code.. it's an open source homebrew store ideated and entirely build by me. You can find the source code here (linked above).

To compile it you need: RSXGL and EFL libs for PSL1GHT

Then just run ./

There is a missing font (SCE-PS3-SR-R-LATIN.TTF) (which we have reuploaded) that is not included due legal reason. I want to thanks KaKaRoTo for all his help. (the real gift will be released in the next few days)

Sorry for this delay, but i'm working to release something that works, so i'm fixing some problems that we found yesterday.

Quote (MateoGodlike):
I have unpacked 3.55 PSUpdat.PUP and have extracted SCE-PS3-SR-R-LATIN.TTF from Dev_Flash/Data/Font.


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