PS3 MultiMAn 04.14.03 STEALTH for CFW 4.30 Rogero v2.03

For 4.30CFW ROGERO version 2.03:

How to install:

Method #1:
* Copy installPKG.pkg and report_data.txt to the root of a USB stick/drive
* Install "installPKG", reboot, install from the bubble
* Start [* Install Package Files] standalone from the icon in XMB (not from /app_home)
* It should look as in the screenshot
* Press [START] to "Update and Load Stealth multiMAN"

Method #2:
* Rename report_data.txt to anyFileName.self and Copy to USB stick or PS3 HDD
* Use multiMAN mmOS, locate the file and double-click on it
* mM stealth will install and start

Once you booted stealth mM at least once you can safely delete the 'regular' mM from XMB if you wish.
You can delete the standalone [* Install Package Files] application from XMB if you wish.

How to load the stealth multiMAN:
1) Restart your PS3
2) Go go /app_home (which will change to the last game you loaded or to [* Install Package Files]) and press [X]
3) If you hold [SELECT] pressed it will load stealth multiMAN directly.
The updated [* Install Package Files] supports the stealth multiMAN and you can launch it by pressing [SELECT].

The stealth multiMAN supports online update which doesn't require PKG file installation and is a seamless process.

Q: Why is it stealth?
A: - It is not present in XMB (not present in /dev_hdd0/game/*)
- Each time the /app_home (* Install Package Files) gets different TITLE ID and TITLE NAME
- Every time you load a game it will change the TITLE of /app_home thus not looking suspicious
- You can use mM while your XMB looks totally OFW (with no homebrew installed which may be detected)

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