PSP Bios 0.7c: Recovery Manager Menu

Developer Legendmythe presents from the PSP Genesis Competition a new application. PSP Bios is a simple manager Recovery Menu, but with more features and faster.

- Functions of the Recovery Menu
- Hardware info
- Statistics
- Nand operations
- About ... (with credits and acknowledgments)

- Unzip the zip file and copy the folder pspbios to ms0: / PSP / GAME /.

Known Bugs
Might brick un-hackable psps
The 0mHz bug=> When cpu speed is set on default it will show 0mHz
Memory dumper => just won't work :c
Exit doesn't work in Eboot form, but that just because it's not made for that.
No Plugin support (it just a pain in the *ss to program that...
Launch Eboot.PBP at Recovery doesn't work either...

Download Here

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