Graf_Chokolo Lashes Out at Sony & Gets Arrested

Alexander Egorenkov, better known as by his Graf_chokolo handle, is under fire once again by Sony and its legal team. Egorenkov, whose home was raided under court order, is now being sued for what he did in retaliation to Sony’s seizure. He released all his tools for hacking the PS3 known collectively as the Hypervisor Bible, and the proverbial shitstorm commenced as Sony slapped him with a large lawsuit.

Here’s what he had to say on the matter unedited, verbatim, and without corrections:

“The SONY’s laywer asked me why I’m doing what I’m doing, because of my hatred for SONY? He cannot understand why I’m doing it, because he is paid for what he does. I’m not. I don’t hold a grudge against SONY even now Hatred clouds your mind, keeps you from more important things. I have a better use for my mind and knowledge.

“So, SONY you failed again, you took my equipment but my mind is still free and you canot (sic) control it. You failed again. They are just tools, I can get new ones and will continue my HV reversing and bringing back PS3 Linux which you took from us. If you want me to stop then you should just kill me because I cannot live without programming, HV and Linux kernel hacking You know who am I and where I live, so come and get me!!!”

and so the inaugural Balls of Steel award has to go to this guy. It seems unlikely that Sony will be able to get money out of Egorenkov, but more likely that Sony is trying to scare other hackers into submission.

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