Dcemu.Co.Uk Hacked?

I was going to check out Dcemu.co.uk and it seems they have been hacked or bought out. I was unaware of any transactions to buy their site but I go to type it in and click enter and boom it instantly gets redirected to http://belegit.net/forum/ which is a very faggish looking forum. Maybe its just temporary.

Leave a Comment Below with your Findings.

"Our server admin is away and i dont have access to plesk, but yesterday we were hacked and it was a simple redirect with no damage, today we have yet again been hacked and the redirect is to a site using vbulletin - http://belegit.net/ - a hackers site

My site is www.dcemu.co.uk and forums www.dcemu.co.uk/vbulletin

at this time im totally powerless, even redirecting via htaccess isnt working,

i suppose this is down to that warning the other week from vbulletin, sadly it seems we didnt apply the fix

anyone with any advice to help us


Quote (Admin of Dcemu.co.uk)
"DCEMU Hacked Again
Hi all, ive just got home from work and discovered we were hacked again this afternoon, it seems these hacker wankers are using an exploit that was warned to us via vbulletin the other week and most sites are vunerable to it.
For now i like you have to wait for Martin to fix it and restore the site via one of our backups and kill the exploit into the site, we may lose a few days posts but we will be back.
In the mean time we can use www.dcemu.com and its forum untill this is sortedAlso check out our affiliate at www.gamingandgadgets.com
Again im deeply sorry for this downtime :(

Now it has been hacked and redirected to http://gamingandgadgets.com/

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