How to Bypass Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Patch 1.22

What is up guys? Today we give you a tutorial on how to Bypass the dread 1.22 patch that patches the XP Lobby hosting. Check out the changelog and the download link below.

1.Delete Mw3 1.22 Update.
2.Download Mw3 1.22 Update.
3.Wait till its on 4/4 and let it go to 20% then just cancel it.
4.Start up patch blocker on you pc.
5.Once it opens put start blocking.
6.On your ps3 go to Settings/Network Settings/Internet Connection Settings
7.Put Custom/Wired or Wireless What Ever You Have It On Then Just Keep Going To The Right Till You Find Proxy Server.
8.Select Use Then Put The IP Tha Patch Blocker Gave You, Put The Port As 8080.
9.Then Just Keep Going To The RIght And Save It. ***Dont Test It Just Save And Exit***
10.Then Just Sign In And Find A Mw3 XP Lobby

Quote (EliteMossy from NGU):
Here is my Patch Blocker i created and used that does NOT sign you out. Handy for those who still want to bypass other game patches, and maybe useful in the future.

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