How to Fix Apple Device Boot Loops

How to fix:
- Your Device Rebooting itself constantly after Jailbreak
- Your Device Reboot itself after Restoring
- Your Device stuck on Recovery Mode Connect to iTunes
- Any iTunes Restore Errors

1) Download iREB R5 from developer iH8sn0w

2) Once downloaded extract the iREB.exe using Winrar or Winzip to your desktop

3) Double click on it and allow it to have admin privileges if it asks you

4) Once loaded click on

5) You should be on this screen

6) Shut your device off. Plug in your device then turn it back on and make sure you have iTunes 10 or higher installed.

7) Let your device be recognized and close iTunes

7) Click on Set Auto-Boot to True (Fixes 1015 Errors / Recovery Loops)

8) Your device should reboot itself and allow the apple logo to pass giving you access to the springboard

If you still have problems you may have to restore your device leaving you vulnerable to the IOS 6 plague. If you were lucky enough to save your SHSH blobs via cydia and or tinyumbrella you can restore by holding shift on the iTunes Restore button and by pointing it towards your Devices firmware's IPSW.

Hope this helps you Sarah..

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