PS3 KLicense Brute Force Tool by MAGiC333X Released

Today developer MAGiC333X has released to us a new developer application that can brute force 770,000 keys per second. Check out the release notes and the download link below.

Release Notes:
KLicence Brute-force Tool v1.0 (2012/10/06) Copyright (C) MAGiC333X

Initial release of the KLicence Brute-force Tool. Version 1.0, built on October 6, 2012 using Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express.

Use this program with caution. I will not be held responsible for any damage caused by (the use of) this program or it's source code.

Source code is included as a donation to other developers.

Files included in this release:
- Compiled program (Win32): 'klicencebruteforce.exe'.
- Example ps3keys file: 'keys'.
- This README file: 'README.txt'.
- Source code: 'klicencebruteforce-src-1.0.rar'.
- GPL v3 for used libraries: 'gpl-3.0.txt'.

Special thanks to: Asure (PS3Hax) - for the first steps in this subject and gaining my interrest. PS3DevWiki - for the information on SELF files and NPDRM decryption algorithm. naehrwert - if SCETool source code was available, i wouldn't have made this.

[DESCRIPTION] This program will try to decrypt the metadata info of a SELF file that's been encrypted using a developer KLicence, by trying all the possible keys in the user-specified input keydata file. If the input keydata file contains the key to decrypt the metadata info, then the key will be found. When a working key is found, it will be written to the console. It is VERY fast! On my Core2Quad Q6600 @ 3.2 GHz it does ~770.000 keys/second, utilizing only a single thread/core. Moreover, it scales perfectly when running multiple instances concurrently. So, if you have a quad-core processor and you split your input keydata file into four equally sized parts and run four instances of this program, each using one part of the input keydata file, it will give you a nice x4 speedup! This program is built for speed, not compatibility. This means that there is a great chance that some SELF files won't be processed correctly. If this is the case, try processing it with option '--minimize-validation' enabled. If it still doesn't work, use option '--npdrm' together with '--metadata-info'. This will result in the SELF file not being used or validated (the argument is still mandatory though). This way you can force the program into brute-forcing the metadata info of any SELF file.

Input ps3keys file must use format as used by SCETool. A sample ps3keys file is provided: 'keys'. The program will try all keys in the ps3keys file with name prefix 'NP_' as possible KLicence keys before starting the brute-force attack. This has the advantage that previously found keys can be added to the keys file. For an example, see the included keys file: it has the InfinityWardKey added to it as 'NP_infinitywardkey'. Also, you can use comments in the keys file by starting a line with '#' (just like an INI file).

Input keydata file is a binary file. This is the file that is used for the brute-force attack. If the KLicence key is in this file, it will be found.

For more help on how to use this program, see the USAGE section below.

[CHANGELOG] Version 1.0 (October 6, 2012)
- Initial release

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