Something Weird!!

So sometimes I go and check where the page views are redirecting from but this one just blew my mind. Check out the screenshot. If you were to see that for some reason the DToid Subscribe button has been redirected to my Youtube channel PSPGodlike??? The first time I saw this but now I just think it is an error on their part. But it helps us grow. So Thanks Destructoid? :]

Well to note this hasn't been the first time we were put on a larger website without our consent. If you are an older reader then you might remember the known Joystiq trolling were I clearly posted a tutorial on how to get free PSN games from the SP-INT network when 3.55.2 Rebug was released. I was posting a helpful educational tutorial and it backfired on me and not on the developers.

If you don't like what we post then you have the decision to click that little X in the top right corner of your screen.

It's your device and you should be able to control it as you please.

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