PS3 PS3Ultimate TV App v1.10 Released

Today RazorX has released a new version of his homebrew application named PS3Ultimate TV App. Check out what he had to say about his release and the download link below.

Quote (RazorX):
hey everyone today i bring you v1.10 of my app with this comes a lot of updates including a installer which i created with the help of developer andreus because of this installer i have had to make changes to everything so if you have my app installed please uninstall it first along with this update i have created a website just for this app which i have created to be viewed mainly on the ps3 so if your viewing it on the pc and the text seems a bit off that's why.

Version 1.10 brings you more channels, more content (with more to come), a updated update section aswell as a package installer for the PS3Ultimate TV files aswell as the PS3Ultimate TV Installer and website and because of the installer as i have said all the files have been altered including the themes here is a link to the website please use the blog that's what it's there for and along the right hand side you will see info on how to make it appear better on the ps3 and a link to the install guide i have wrote which contains the PS3Ultimate TV Installer and the files for installing this manually the reason for that being that the installer currently doesn't work with cobra cfw so if you need to you can install the flash files manually with the multiman installable zip files which i've also updated so when installing this make sure if you have PS3Ultimate TV v1.09 or below installed to remove it by going into "Game Date Utility" and deleting it but all the information you need is on my guide so enjoy.

And please let me know what you think..

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