PS3 Multi Tools V6.0 Released

Today developer SVENGDK has updated his PC and MAC Tool that allows for various helpful functions for your PS3, PSP, PSVita and PS2. Check out the screenshot, the changelog and the download link below.

Added 3 new firmwares
- Rogero 4.21 CFW v1.09
- E3 4.30 CFW
- 4.25 DEX OFW

Added Keys stuff for decrypting, encrypting, cracking and all this things
Added E3 Flasher stuff like tutorials, updates, upgrades and tools

Added 3 more Windows Tools
- SixAxis for Windows
- Split4G
- PSN Download Manager

Added 6 more Homebrew Apps 
- Custom ps3usercheat v2.3 + cheatlist.dat v6.1
- Minimal Downgradable FW Checker
- Blackb0x FTP 1.2 for 4.21
- Comgenie Awesome Filemanager for 4.21
- dev_blind for 4.21
- reActPSN for 4.21

Other updates
- multiMAN 04.08.00 now available for PS Multi Tools v4+
- Fix: ALL Games should now be in the list when opening a gamesfolder

PS2 Multi Tools
Fix: Copying PS2 Games to HDD now works perfectly (v5.5r2 is just a hotfix)

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