PS3 fckPSN v1.0 Released: Get Back On PSN with CFW 3.55

Today developer Drizzt has brought us an exciting update to fckPSN. This update allows any downloaded user to get their custom firmware 3.55 enabled PS3 back onto those online games via the Playstation network. Check out the changelog, tutorial, warnings and the download link below.

CA27.cer, dev_blind.pkg, ****Psn-v0.9.exe from here
OpenPS3FTP v1.3 or later, you can download 1.5 from here

v1.0: Fix spoofing (Thanks flys out to BigFAN from and Asure from ps3hax for the informations.)
v0.9: Add support for 4.21 spoofing
v0.8: Re-add support for firmwares older than 3.55
v0.7: Add support for 4.11 spoofing
v0.6: Use an empty consoleid. Warning: be sure to get my 0.6 version
v0.5: Add support for firmwares older than 3.55
v0.4: Don't use PS3DNS anymore

Install dev_blind.pkg and OpenPS3FTP on your PS3 (using FTP, external USB or what else)
Launch dev_blind and make it mount the flash
Open OpenPS3FTP
Connect via FTP to PS3 (using username root and password openbox)
Go to /dev_blind/data/cert
Rename CA27.cer to CA27.cer.bak
Put my CA27.cer as /dev_blind/data/cert/CA27.cer
Set the PS3's PRIMARY and SECONDARY DNS server to your PC's IP address
Reboot your PS3
Start ****Psn
Enjoy with PSN

If you have followed the OLD guide you need to rename the original CA27.cer to CA27.cer.bak and (my) CA24.cer to CA27.cer and you have to restore the old CA24.cer, by renaming CA24.cer.bak to CA24.cer This is needed since some games use the original CA24.cer If you lost original cert, you can take it here

Q: ****PSN does not start or prints "Address already in use" as error
A: Close anything that is using port 80 or 443, try also to close skype and to disable ICS if you are using it.

Download Here

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