PS3 SNES9x v4.49 Signed for CFW 4.21 Released

I've been working on signing up some new homebrew packages for the new CFW 4.20. I have not tested these so if you are running Rogero 4.20 give them a try and let me know if they work or not. If they don't let me know and I'll give it another go.

If you have any requests send me the files in the comment below and I'll give them a go.

I plan on not updating to Rogero because of the thousands that had recently gotten bricked. Also noted that KaKoRoToKs noted to not install them in the post here

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The Changelog:
- HD version and Normal version merged into one - there are now HD shaders that do the same as the previous HD version.
- HD shaders (which upscale the resolution to 512x448) instead of hacked HD version. '4xSoft-HD' is currently the best out of the HD shaders - more to come.
- The HD version in version 4.4.5 ran in interlaced mode - with the HD shaders, you can run in either progressive or interlaced mode.
- Fixed PAL50/PAL60 automatic activation in 576i/p mode.
- Fixed Rise Of The Robots interlacing issues - other games which use interlaced mode also corrected.
- Fixed Multiplayer controls - only player 1 worked.

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