PS3 Request IDPS Generator v1.0.0 Released

Today developer RndRandomizer has released a new application to generate a request_idps file. Check out the rease me file and the download link below.

Readme File:
Initial Release

Generate a request_idps file Get PerConsole Data (board ID, cid, ecid, kiban ID, ckp2_data, ckp_management_id)

Just get your NAND/NOR dump and drop it in this application.
No more need for re-flashing the whole dump in order to convert EID.
Simply it makes it easier to use it with ObjectiveSuites-SetIdps and you dont have to gether it from Sony's server.
Put request_idps.txt in Temp folder in ObjectiveSuites, to set your request_idps and you are done with flashing the new EID.

I'm not responsible for ANY DAMAGE it may cause! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!
P.S. If somebody has a script to get the EID with ObjectiveSuites, I would be very kind if you could let me know, I will update the application.

Contact me at RndRandomizer

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