PS3 Yet Another Bypass 1.8 Released

Quote (Cotojeswtf):
This is mi eight version of my aplication for access to the PSN having lower FW. [YAB 1.8]

Today YAB 1.8 lets you connect to PSN with FW 4.25, 4.21 and I had no testable this (*4.21). However, I assume that it works. The solution is temporary, Sony can it block at any time. I've had not continue this aplication, but if there is progress on the scene (lv0 pwned),, so I decided to give this a little bit from myself.

CFW users please no cheating in online games, the program does not have to spoil the epic Online. Yes , you have PSN on: CFW 3.55/4.21/ or OFW 4.21/4.25 although the update 4.30 rages.

How connect:
As like in the f * ck PSN computer is required.
1. Run the downloaded package YABStart.bat (yes,, window is quickly shut off)
2. Go to the PS3 network settings , Proxy tab, type the IP address of your computer, and port 27 (can be changed in the file / config / port.txt)
3. Connect to PSN

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