PSVita ISO Loader Proof of Concept (Video)

Quote (Wololo):
It’s not really a surprise anymore, but it’s always exciting, to see PSP isos running on the PS Vita. We saw last week a video leak from some beta tester of an iso loader on the Vita, and it seems the “proof of concept” videos are multiplying, as another video surfaced again. This time, the video seems to be running through VHBL’s yMenu, so I have been receiving lots of email asking me if, after all, VHBL can run isos (video above).

Let me answer that one straight away: VHBL cannot run isos. There’s an indepth explanation as to why by Freddy, here. Now to be perfectly honest, a few recent discoveries on the PSP made me reconsider the “technical impossibility” to run isos via a user mode exploit, but as I’ve mentioned many times, iso loading is not my personal hobby, so I probably won’t help in that field. For now, what matters is that as far as I know, nobody has ever achieved a user-mode iso loader on the PSP (or, in this case, in the psp emulator on the Vita).

The video we’re seeing below shows a Vita running PSP’s Crisis Core, through a menu that will of course remind lots of people of Yosh’s yMenu, a menu that was created for VHBL. Therefore it is easy to make a confusion and assume that a “special” version of VHBL is being distributed somewhere that can run psp isos. Well, as far as I know, no such thing exists. yMenu, however, is open source, so it would be perfectly realistic to assume that a group of hackers with a Kernel exploit have reused/adapted Yosh’s great work for their own iso loader.

I don’t believe this is a fake, or it would be a very elaborate one. This is now the second video we are seeing in a week, showing the Vita loading isos. They don’t even seem to be from the same source, seeing that they are not using the same menu (although, knowing how VHBL’s menus work, it wouldn’t be surprising to see one iso loader working with several types of menus, just like VHBL does).

Nevertheless, it is very easy to hijack yMenu into becoming a menu for “something else” than VHBL, put some VHBL background images on it, and “pretend” that VHBL runs isos, while you are actually running them through a kernel exploit.

What do you guys think, are we on the verge of seeing a psp iso loader on the Vita? Or is it just bragging videos, or beta tester leaks?

Thanks to fran and everybody else who sent the info!

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