PS3 Multiman 04.06.00 Released: Adds Support for CFW 4.21

Today Dean K, developer behind multiMAN Backup manager for Custom Firmware Installed PS3s, is back with another update. Check out the changelog and the download link below. (PS: is very poorly made Thanks for the idea though)

- Added Support for 4.21CFW (CEX) (syscalls 6-10 required)
- 'Standard' BD-Emulator option (sc36) (Hermes not supported yet)
- Direct Disc Access (LV1 & LV2 patched for Storage Manager access)
- Raw access to optical media (PS1 Backups & Showtime access to BD/DVD/CDs)
- BD-Movie Region Changer
- BD-Mirror for INT/EXT Games
! Not full tested with Red Power's 4.21CFW (Hermes Payload used and syscall 1021 required)

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