PS3 4.25 SEN Enabler/Disabler Released: Confirmed NOT Working

Quote (Dantezteam):
PSN (SEN) Enabler/Disabler 4.25. Enjoy online in CFW !!!

Q:*Is this tool safe?
A:*Yes. it is, this have a restore process if something goes wrong for prevent RSOD

Q:*It works with all CFW?
A:*Nop, only with CFW 3.55 and 3.56 (PKG precompiled and fixed)

Q:*It works on OFW?
A:*Nop, only for CFW

Q:*I have RSOD/Black Screen, how can i solve it?
A:*Reinstall your CFW in Recovery Mode

Q:*Fix is already complete but I have an error while log in SEN
A:*Go to Recovery Mode and choose*Restore Default Settings, Rebuild Database*andRestore File System. In some cases you need to change your login password

Q:*It works with DRM dongles?
A:*Yes, but you need to have dongle update 2.51 and not 2.70

Q:*I have CFW Rebug but when PS3 starts shows Black Screen
A:*Make sure you don´t have any spoof and Rebug Mode in Normal before installing, to fix Reinstall CFW from Recovery Menu

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