PS3 Hero City 2 v1.3 Released

Today ThatOtherDev had posted a new update for Hero City 2 PS3 Homebrew Game. Check out what the developer had to say and the download link below.

Quote (ThatOtherDev):
There are some differences between this and the original Wii version. Most of which I hope to correct in future updates. But overall it's a pretty decent port. It runs at 60 frames per second in HD and looks exactly as it should.

I think it's probably the best homebrew game on PS3 (though that's obviously subjective and I'm definitely biased). It's certainly the one I'm most proud of. So I hope you like it. Feedback is always appreciated.

Left analog stick = controls the player
Right analog stick = controls the camera
L1 = left punch
R1 = right punch
X = jump (hold to charge up)
Square = save
Triangle = return to the title screen

Download Here

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