PS3 Mugen Souls BLES01723 Eboot Fix for CFW 3.55/3.41

Today developer Roid Clive has done some special for the PS3 community. He has gotten a working Hybrid Patch that allows you to play Mugen Souls not only for Custom Firmware 3.55 but also in almost %100 percent english. Check out the release notes, what he had to say and the download link below.

Release Notes:
- This release was made for Mugen.Souls.PS3-DUPLEX

Quote (Roid Clive):
After a couple of days doing experiments with European and Japanese versions, here you have the patch Hybrid Game "Mugen.Souls.PS3-DUPLEX" translated into English to 99.9% (only PS3 Trophies are in Japanese). Friends so enjoy ^ _ ^!.

Greetings from Sevilla.

Download Here

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