PSVita Snes9xTYL 0.4.2 no-intro Running on VHBL 1.80

Quote (Wololo):
In our impressive list of VHBL-compatible homebrews for this upcoming release, SNES emulator Snes9xTYL was missing, due to some inexplicable crash in the intro of the emulator. Sure, we had UO Snes9x just in case, but for some reason people tend to prefer Snes9xTYL.

Well dry your tears, because thanks to dev Thorwak Snes9xTYL is now joining the ranks of VHBL compatible games for Neur0n’s release!

It turns out the intro of the emulator was the only thing crashing, for some (so far) unknown reason, probably because of a bug in how VHBL handles certain sounds functions. Thorwak figured out that by simply removing the intro, he could get the emulator to load and run perfectly fine, so there you go!

This sounds like a simple achievement, but having tried myself several times to compile Snes9xTYL, I can tell you this is not fun. I’ll let Thorwak shime in and point people to his sources whenever he feels they are ok to share. In the meantime, enjoy the video, and a download link to the VHBL-compatible version.

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