PS3 genGP3.exe DEX Tool Released

What Is up guys? Today a developer by the name of andbey0nd has released a tool for DEX consoles. This tool is a much more simplified version of PS3GEN. Check out the changelog and some release notes below.

Release Notes:
Usage: genGP3.exe GAME_FOLDER [output.gp3]

Example: genGP3.exe x:\GAMES\FUNNY_GAME\PS3_GAME


Drag and drop your game PS3_GAME folder to genGP3.exe

Use command prompt or drag & drop a PS3 game folder to genGP3.exe
It will create a .gp3 XML project file for PS3 Generator Tools
Use Generator tools to create a MasterDisc or BDEMU image (iso/emu)

02.00 - Support for PS3_EXTRA (new format), support for Extra Content (Themes, Packages and Videos in PS3_EXTRA)

01.00 - Initial Release

Now it is possible to create scripts which otherwise would take over 30 mins to create when PS3_EXTRA folder is present with up to 1000 content folders for themes, videos and packages. 02.00 adds support for games like "Journey - Collector's Edition"

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