PS3 Open BDEMU HDD Manager Released

Today FreePlay has released a PC Application that allows you to manage your DEX PS3's Blu Ray Emulator Hard Drive.

From the ReadMe File: Open BDEMU HDD Manager by FreePlay

Want to manage your DEX's Blu-ray emulator hard dive, but hate that PS3Gen is missing essential features like increasing the number of game slots or dumping a game from a disk to a file? Worry no longer! The Open BDEMU HDD Manager is here for you!

This tool duplicates PS3Gen's ability to manage your BDEMU HDD, but works faster and has some added features.

Dump an existing game to an EMU image file
Write EMU image files to disk
Erase game slots
Rename games
Set the default game
Add/remove game slots (with smart HDD size detection)

Note that this program was whipped up and tested with just one PC and just one hard drive, so it may not be perfect! It absolutely WON'T screw up any hard drives that aren't BDEMU drives, though, so the worst that would happen is that you'd have to rewrite your games.


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