PS3 Majrawi DEX GameFixer Tool

Today a developer by the name of Majrawi has released a new PC Tool that allows you to fix game for your DEX console with ease. Check out the download and what he had to say below.

Quote (Majrawi):
Hi, sorry for being kind of invisible for a while. Here's a trick to make it easier to fix DEX games. It means itstead of longing for 5-10 mins, it only takes 3secs or even less

You just have to download spicific game's update and then drag and drop the update into my software (Majrawi DEXGameFixer) and here are the steps to do so:

1- Extracting update files
2- Making package.conf with ID + Package version for example: BLUS30681 + 01.01

Content-ID = EP0001-BLUS30681_00-0000111122223333
K_licensee = 0�00000000000000000000000000000000
DRM_Type = Free
Content_Type = GameData
PackageType = DiscGamePatch
PackageVersion = 01.01
3- Making specific fixed package for DEX

All of these tasks only takes 3 secs to be done.

Enjoy the fun ^____^ reza_novin (Majrawi)

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