PS3 OpenCMA 1.80 Fixed Released

Today the PROCFW team of Coldbird and Virtuous Flame has released a new version of OpenCMA that fixed errors alot of people were getting. This also fixes the known music and video bug. Check out the download link and the tutorial below.

- Extract the archive in your CMA folder (program files/Sony/Content Manager Assistant by default)

- Quit the CMA if it is running on your PC

- Execute “run.bat” (you need to run it in “Admin mode” on windows 7

- That’s it, now the CMA should run without requiring to be connected to the internet

Its recommended that you do use open CMA when the vhbl files come out. Open CMA for those who do not know is the content manager to copy files to the vita and back but without any internet connection unlike the official Sony CMA. It will also not sneak a patch or do a forced firmware update on your device if one comes out and it will not send any data to Sony about whats being copied, edited, transferred or crashes.

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