PS3 mmDM v4.05.04 Released

Today a new version of mmDM, Multiman DEX Manager, is readily available to download. Check out the changelog and the download link below.
- BDEMU games are accessible in the side-menu in Game column when user presses [TRIANGLE] over the [* Refresh]
- Added support for mmDM 02.00.00 (Aldo's PS3 DEX Game Mounter PC application)
- Added support for selecting and activating up to 10 games from BDEMU USB HDD (mmDM+ProDG+LAN required)
- Press [TRIANGLE] whlie [* Refresh] is selected in Game column to access BDEMU games
- Basically, it now supports changing games on the BDEMU HDD if mmDM (Aldo's DEX Mounter) is running + ProDG/TargetManager
- Remember, for these on regular CEX/CFW the version is still only at v04.05.01 for 'mmCM' (aka) 'multiMAN Cobra Manager'

PLEASE NOTE: Aaldo's mmDM 02.00.00 is required to make usage of the update, along with of course a DEX PS3 Console!

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