PS3 CFW 4.46 Habib v2.05 Released

Developer Habib has released a minor update to his custom firmware 4.46 build. This build features a fixed Cinavia protection. This will allow you to watch anything on your PS3 without being annoyed and or blocked by Cinavia playback. Check out the changelog, features and the download link provided below.

Quote (Habib):
Hey everyone I fixed my 4.46 CFW. Tested on Both NOR and NAND.

- Fixed Cinavia

- Made out of 4.46 OFW
- Install Package Files and APP_HOME
- Have ReACTPSN Compatibility
- Patched LV0 to Disable COREOS ECDSA Check
- Patched LV2 to Add Peek/Poke Support
- Patched LV1 to Disable LV2 Protection
- Patched LV1 to Add Peek/Poke Support
- It can run games signed with keys up to 4.46
- Can be updated over any CFW
- Can be updated over 3.55 OFW
- Added no BT/BD Patches
- RSOD Bypass
- ReACTPSN Offline Patch Added
- Better System Stability
- PSP Remaster Support Added
- QA Flag Enabled by Default if PS3 Was QA on CFW 3.55
- Cinavia Protection Removed (Proper Fix DEX 4.46)
- Fixed Bugs which made their console shutdown when played for a long time on 2.00. Fixed on 2.01.
- OtherOS Added

By Downloading you understand that we are not responsible for any damage you do to your console.

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