PS3 McLow Mod v0.6 for CFW Rogero 4.46 Released

Today developer seeman has released a new version of McLow Mod to be compatiable with Rogero 4.46. Check out the changelog, instructions and the download link provided below.

- Now working on rogero 4.46

HOW TO INSTALL or update:
1- install pkg Mclow mod v0.6
2- go to photo men in the xmb
3- start mclowmod and select fat or slim.. and rogero...... ps3 will restart!
4- AFTER THE RESTART change param.sfo from your applications to change the categories
5- apply mclowslimmod theme
6- you need to edit all applications param.sfo file to show up under the specific category!
7- start the application you chanced the param.sfo once to apply sfo changes

only tested on ROGERO 4.30 v2.03 and v2.05 (Update: 4.4 and 4.46 already tested)
dont delete the mod installer (Update: delete back up your backup copy first then delete the installer via xmb (triangle))
package manager from xmb isn't working because rogero cfw but normal pkg installer still working fine!
(Update: installing packages from xmb now working!!)

Homebrew sfo category = AM
PSN games sfo category = HM
Tools sfo category = AP
Multimedia sfo category = AV
PlayStation sfo category = HG
Data sfo category = CB

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